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We met over a starbucks counter in 2009

but it's a miracle we hadn't met sooner. Our lives had twisted and turned around similar river bends without ever crossing paths until a $100 gift card made me (Kaely) a regular at the cafe Ashley managed.

Even with a counter between us, our two visibly pregnant bellies started a conversation that never really stopped (just some big breaks in between.)

Over the years, our lives managed to look strikingly similar while remaining distinctly different—each of us gave birth to three children in less than 5 years (Ashley's bonus baby #4 was born in the pandemic) while working full time and slowly drowning our ever-growing mental health issues in overwork, spiritual bypass, and codependency. 

Like they had always done, our lives mirrored each other as they crashed down around us, causing us both to examine every foundational area of our lives. We met on a rainy night in a Starbucks parking lot to compare notes;

Is it just me? Am I crazy?

Even if we were crazy, at least we were crazy together. The relief was palpable. We swapped stories and podcasts. We underlined books and gave each other the cliff notes. We compared journaling exercises and meditation techniques. We cried together. We grew together.... and then we began to heal together.

journey with us

Ashley Ward


Storyteller, Coach, Writer

love languages: sarcasm, GIFs, inappropriate jokes, sports movies, & aeropress coffee

Ashley Ward is a storyteller, writer, coach, wife, and mom, recently relocated to Chesapeake, VA with her husband and four kids. She loves a great cup of coffee (and is an aeropress evangelist), a well-placed GIF, and is an enneagram enthusiast. Happiest in front of a puzzle or a football game; fluent in sarcasm and sitcom quotes, and lover of the ocean air and sound of beach waves—Ashley believes relentlessly in the kindness of Jesus and looks at life through a lens of Ebenezer stones—laying down the markers of God’s kindness so she can look back and reorient herself to expect his faithfulness. Ashley isn’t passionate about healing because it’s come easy for her—deep personal struggle with self-compassion and struggle finding hope in her own story has landed her on the client-side of the therapeutic relationship for a long time. The laughter, tears, celebrations, and shared heartache in that place has led her to a passion for helping other people find the same.

Kaely Linker


Artist, Coach, Writer

love languages: swapping Tik Toks, oversharing our feelings, crispy bacon, strong coffee, trash TV

Kaely Roe (Linker) is an artist, poet, coach, designer, and mom, living outside of Annapolis, MD with her four kids. When she's not building websites, she loves to hike with her dog or hang out at home crafting with her partner. A big fan of cracking jokes, drinking coffee, and playing board games with her kids, Kaely is happiest when swimming in the muddy Magothy River that runs through her neighborhood or swinging on the deck at her family's farm. Kaely has been diagnosed with a chronic pain condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and ADHD—all of which contribute to her mental health struggles. A reformed perfectionist, Kaely is a huge believer that the most profound changes happen from just a little clarity and self-compassion. These shifts change our entire perspective like the colorful slides of a kaleidoscope dropping into place—completely changing our perspective with the turn of a wrist.


Ashley and Kaely have a ton in common, but if you're on the fence, here are some differences between them:


Religion | Christian (deconstructed)
Relationship | Married—Heterosexual
Loves | Watching football & Friends, long walks at the local beach
Eating | Plant-based diet (mostly), plus sushi & tacos
Drinking | Americano with brown sugar, oat milk creamer, and frequent angst over iced or hot
Favorite Coaching Tools | Enneagram, Story Coaching
My clients come to me for | Reassurance and Comfort


Religion | Woo-woo agnostic (formerly Christian)
Relationship | Divorced but dating long-term partner—Bisexual (late in life)
Loves | Art & Beatsaber, long hikes up the mountain
Eating | Candy-based diet (haha), plus French Fries
Drinking | Home-brewed "red-eye" with  steamed heavy cream and real maple syrup
Favorite Coaching Tools | Self-care & discovery
My clients come to me for | Clarity and Confidence



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