The Therapy Journey Is Hard

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Our website is still "in the oven"!

Hey! Welcome to Therapy Doulas. We’re Ashley and Kaely, and we’re neither therapists nor doulas. 

We are friends, wives, moms, and business owners walking the journey of trauma-informed therapy. We nerd out on neurobiology and believe fiercely in embodied healing for ourselves and for others. Along the way, we’ve had each other to lean on, learn from, and grow with. Late-night texts and midday phone calls; beach getaways and marathon coffee dates. 

“You’ll never believe what my therapist said.” 

“I had a vision of what trauma is like, and I wrote this poem.” 

“I wept through this podcast; you have to listen.” 

“I’m scared, and I feel like the only one who feels this way.”

“Am I crazy? Am I too broken?”

Every twist and turn, step forward and step back, we’ve held each other up and confirmed that trauma recovery isn’t a solitary experience. What has been broken in relationship needs to be healed in relationship, and we’ve found ourselves asking, “What if someone was in therapy healing from trauma, and didn’t have a companion?”  

So here we are, doulas at your side while you birth something new and beautiful and painful. We’ll tell our stories, share our favorite resources, and chat all things therapy, trauma, body, and healing. And we can’t wait to hear your stories, too.

So pull up a chair and a cup of coffee, and make yourself cozy in our little corner of the internet.

Here, you aren’t alone in the parts that are terrifying and you aren’t alone in celebrating every single tiny win. We aren’t experts and we aren’t finished yet--but we’re here, showing up. We can’t wait to see you show up, too.

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